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Jacksonville Clay Target Sports September 2016


Jacksonville Clay Target Sports Newsletter September 2016

September 2016 Newsletter

Dove season should be opening in Georgia and South Carolina; and Florida's season should open the first weekend of October.

It is time to get your shotgun out, clean it, and get ready for hunting season. To help in your preparations, you should consider coming to Jacksonville Clay Target Sports for a shooting tune-up. You may choose skeet, trap, five-stand, or sporting clays. And as an added attraction, if you have not been to the club recently, you can view all the improvements the club has undergone in the past few months.

The second sporting clays course is complete, but we are still waiting for the machines, which should be arriving the first week of September, and we hope to be shooting the course by the 15th of the month. The course does not yet have the signage ready, but it will be coming sometime in October. Joe Luke will elaborate more about Sporting Clays in his article.

In August the club hosted the Zone 4 Skeet Championship with about 150 of the best shooters in the Southeast. It was supposed to rain the whole time, but we were lucky and suffered only one brief shower. Bud Steil will fill you in more on this event.

We also held a sporting clays tournament and our first Monthly Member Dinner. More on this from Stan Longenecker.

In October the club will host the Emory Pappy Skeet Championship in which I encourage everyone's participation. It will be a privilege to honor one of our former great shooters and a fine gentleman.

See you at the club soon,

Z. Mincek

Skeet News

The summer is fading fast. Soon cooler temperatures will make shooting skeet much more appealing. We have a beautiful club with plenty of fields for practice. For those of you that would like to shoot some competition our next shoot will be the Emory Pappy Southeastern. This will be a smaller shoot than others that have been held at JCTS. It is one of the more fun shoots that we hold every year. Emory Pappy was one of the club members responsible for the club we enjoy today.

World Champion skeet shooter Paul Giambrone III is scheduled to return to JCTS in November to hold shooting clinics. This is an opportunity to hone your skeet shooting skills by learning from one of the best. Click here for details.

Bud Steil
Skeet Chairman

Sporting Clays News

Our new Sporting Clay South Course is coming fast. The perimeter road is in and the shooting stations are set. The target machines (Promatic) should be delivered around Sept 10th. I would expect to see some shooting around mid-month. This is sort of good and bad. On the good side is the fact that everyone can’t wait to shoot the new course. On the other side is, that unlike our original sporting clay course, which had natural beauty and shade, our new south course will take some time to develop. We are currently developing plans for tree and other plantings to enhance the course and create shade. This also will necessitate a watering system. To say it simply, we are going to shoot the course as we develop it. We ask you in advance to understand that the course ambience will improve as we go. However target presentation from day one is unlimited. Expect to see new things that will stretch you out.

The Club had its fourth registered target event Sunday August 21st. As with our other Sporting Clay events, a good time was had by all. As an example of what can happen when you participate, long term club member and first time register event shooter, Gerald Wilder got into a shoot off for class D winner. Gerald didn’t prevail but I think in future months that he be back as he performed at a high level. Tom Quinn was a class winner and for the second month in a row won the shoot off prize money. In fact, the club may have to fill out an IRS 1099 on Tom for winning all this money. Some other money winners and notables, were Lance Day (2 months in a row) , Phillip Teaque (always around the top) and Dan Powell who was HOA as a result of a shootoff . Dan also placed in the prize money. Ed Franco and Daniel Teaque also got some attention. Our out of town friends had fun and participated in the prize money. Folks give this event a chance. You will probably enjoy it.

It is hard to imagine that Jacksonville Clay Target Sports has grown from no Sporting clay courses to two in an 18 month period of time. It will be interesting to watch volume over the next year as we enhance the second course as well as throw different targets that may appeal to varied skill levels. I believe that we will be surprised at the success. For the record we not done yet. Future plans call for a Tower shoot station, probably in the area between skeet field 10 and the sporting clays area.

Fall will be a perfect time to refresh your skills for fall hunting season. Hope to see you soon at the club.

Joe Luke

International Skeet News

Kim Rhode

When is bronze as good as gold? Look it up in the future and we’re pretty sure you will be able to bookmark August 12, 2016. That’s the date when 37-year-old Kim Rhode became the first Summer Olympian ever to win six medals in six straight Olympic Games. An historic moment for Rhode, and a historic moment for the Shooting Sports.

Trending. Done right, it’s a popular pursuit of fame for glory-seekers. It’s something Rhode will now be doing well into a third decade as America’s shotgun queen. Since winning Olympic gold as a 17-year-old in Atlanta, Rhode’s journey now comes full circle having perhaps experienced the most trying four years of her Olympic pursuit. Pregnancy and childbirth created a whole host of health complications for Rhode. Looking at her son, Carter, in the stands on this day and seeing him waving down to mommy as she was about to step on the podium a record sixth-straight time, it was at that very moment that the pain of doing so vanished and that familiar feeling of accomplishment set in.

You can view the final here:

Men's Prone Recap

It was a difficult day in Men’s 50m Prone Rifle Friday with Michael McPhail (Darlington, Wisconsin) and David Higgins (San Clemente, California).In his second Olympic appearance, McPhail finished 19th with a 622.0, narrowly missing out on the finals by 2.8 points. Higgins struggled in his Olympic debut to a 617.7 to finish 40th.

It was a tricky swirling wind, described as left-to-right and coming back around, and got worse throughout the 50-minute affair. Those that did well made the adjustments or quickened their pace.

Ed Franco
International Skeet Committee

Membership Report

A busy Fall is shaping up for JCTS. We are pleased to add to the calendar a monthly members' social dinner night. The once-per-month Sunday dinners allow club members to build camaraderie and friendships with each other and our families. Please put these dinners on your calendar and join us at the club. Upcoming dates include: Sunday, Sept. 11, Sunday, Oct. 9, Sunday, Nov. 13, and Sunday, Dec. 11. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the club at 904-757-4584.

JCTS continues to develop into a world class shooting sports facility. The clubhouse has undergone substantial renovations this past year, while the second sporting clays course is nearing completion. Activity and participation have remained strong through the summer and we are looking forward to prime Fall weather. JCTS's 5-stand, trap, and sporting clays venues offer a great opportunity to get in shape for hunting season. So, come on out to the club and join us!

Invitation To Guests

As always, guests of JCTS are invited to join our club and enjoy member benefits, including member-only events, discounts on costs of rounds, bulk ammunition, and reloading supplies, as well as discounts with club vendors, Gunsmiths, Inc., Jim's Ear & Eye, and Wild West Guns & Gold. Memberships can be established through the Pro Shop or through the club website.


The great popularity of our club and target shooting sports means that we can always use your talents and energy to help us keep the club running smoothly. Please contact us if you would like to join us in the management of club activities.

George Prattos
Membership Chairman

Collegiate Shooting Sports News

Collegiate Shooting Has Begun!

The Collegiate shooting season is upon us. Both the Jacksonville University and University of North Varsity Shooting Teams have begun practicing as the beginning of the Collegiate Clay Target Shooting Season began July 1. Both teams lost some serious talent due to last Spring’s graduation, but there is a lot of new talent joining and helping to rebuild our Collegiate teams. Please join me in wishing them great, safe shooting and a life-remembering, modifying and thrilling experience as we begin our Fall shooting season.

The ever-winning JU Varsity Shooting Team took a 6-man squad to the SCTP ( National Championships in July which were held at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Morango, Ohio. More than 2,500 high school and collegiate athletes competed in the biggest-yet SCTP Nationals.

In the Collegiate Division, JU reigned supreme as they took the HOA National titles in: Handicap Trap, and Trap Doubles, as well as RU in Sporting Clays, Third in Trap, and Fourth in Skeet. There were NO divisional lines in this shoot – all teams compete on the same level. JU faced off against a number of powerhouse collegiate shooting talent. The 6-man squad consisted of: Sean Hensley (Former Captain), Trysten Routledge, Parker Woodring, Nathan Heeb, Benji Felder and Joe Byron. JU faced some of the top shooters in the US this past July and made us proud! The JU Varsity Shooting Team is now an EIGHT-TIME National (Divisional) Event Champion, with two individual National (HOA) Champions – remarkable! Collegiate shooters have 6 years of eligibility to compete in the ACUI & SCTP system from the time of their first Nationals event, regardless of Collegiate or Graduate level, making this the most competitive system in existence today – building better citizens for our future across all fronts. We congratulate ALL of our amazing Students!

There are some 300 universities and colleges with Clay Sports (Shotgun Sports) shooting programs currently across the country, and these programs boast some of the highest GPA composites in the Collegiate world. The Shooting Sports are now the fastest growing element in Collegiate Club/Varsity Sports.

Many thanks to Jacksonville Clay Target Sports, and all of the other Clubs here and around the country who have stood behind our Youth and Collegiate shooters, as they are our future. God Bless and safe shooting!

By David T. Dobson, MBA
NSCA Certified Instructor, Level III
NSSA Certified Instructor, Level III
Paragon Master Instructor
JU Faculty & Varsity Shooting Team Founder, Head Coach/Director

Monthly Members' Dinner

To all the membership, our first Members' Monthly Dinner was held last week for forty strong who came to enjoy fellowship, stories of the day's sporting clays and the changes that have become a part of the new direction of Jacksonville Clay Target Sports. Prime rib and BBQ shrimp tickled palates along Bad Boyz sides and desserts.

Our next will be September 11th! Ya'll come and check it out. Sign up with Sara or Jenny by September 7th (gotta give Budha time to plan how many to prepare his special magic!).

Stanton Longenecker
JCTS Board Member

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