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Dinner Wednesday

We’ve been stuck at “Full Choke” for over 6 months due to pandemic restrictions, but beginning November 4th Wednesday will open up “Modified!”  That’s right, you’ve been asking us for months “when can we get back to Wednesday night dinners?” so we’ve been working on a plan.  In order to comply with current guidelines, we’re partnering with one of our most popular caterers The Stumbling Steer to bring back Wednesday nights at JCTS, just in time for cooler weather.  Before you ask, no it won’t just be BBQ like most Charity Shoots, they have several different menus to keep us salivating all week in anticipation. 

More great news, our carts have also been “Modified” to return to full capacity!

If you’ve dined out recently you’ve noticed things haven’t quite yet returned to normal, so we can’t all channel our innermost Grill Master sharing tools and gathering at the grill.  Most of us looked forward to the fellowship with friends over dinner after shooting more than the meal itself, but its a great excuse!  Rather than saying, “we can't yet,” we’ve devised a plan to make it work.

We do need everyone to Pre-register since we’ll commit to a FIRM headcount with the Steer in advance.  Like most businesses right now we need to manage our expenses carefully.  So please register now & mark your calendars, we’ll only have 2 opportunities in November due to Veterans Day and Thanksgiving week so you won’t want to miss out!  Please click the button below before the morning of Monday Nov 2nd so we know to count you in. If this is a “Business Expense” your bookkeeper or accountant will love you because you’ll receive an emailed receipt you can just forward.


  • Pork Tenderloins-Rubbed in olive oil and truffle glaze, seasoned with just the right amount of garlic jalapeno (Flavor, not spicy) salt and topped with The Stumbling Steer pecan rub, then grilled to perfection.
  • Vodka Ala Rosa Pasta – Pasta in vodka cream sauce
  • Cathy’s Cabbage -The Steer’s unique take on a California style cabbage with blue cheese, sweet peppers dressed w/apple cider vinegar/olive oil and seasoned with our Rustle’s Rub.
  • Garlic Toast-Texas garlic toast

Only $20+ Sales Tax

Registration Deadline Monday November 2nd at Noon


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