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Jacksonville Clay Target Sports

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Jacksonville Clay Target Sports

Jacksonville Clay Target Sports is one of the oldest, continuously operating gun clubs in the country.  Established in 1936, Jacksonville Clay Target Sports offers seven different styles of clay target sports to clay target fans of all ages and skill levels!


An on-site gunsmith shop, Club Manager, Pro Shop, Range Safety Officers,  certified instructors, firearm rentals, and golf cart rentals are available to facilitate an enjoyable shooting experience for all.


JCTS is open for recreational activities four days of every week, and hosts many corporate, non-profit, educational, community, and competitive events year round. All events are listed on our calendar.


JCTS facilities are available for group events by reservation. Contact the Pro Shop 904-757-4584 for more information.


     Wednesdays *     Noon - 8:30pm
     Fridays     Noon - 6:00pm
     Saturdays       9am - 6pm
     Sundays       9am - 6pm



   Sat. Dec. 23    Open   9am - 6pm    Sat.  Dec. 30   Open  9am - 6pm
   Sun. Dec. 24           Closed    Sun. Dec. 31         Closed
   Mon. Dec. 25           Closed    Mon. Jan. 1         Closed
   Tues.  Dec. 26    Open  9am - 6pm    Tues. Jan. 2    Open  9am - 6pm
   Wed.  Dec. 27 *   Open  Noon - 8:30pm    Wed. Jan 3 *    Open  Noon - 8:30pm
   Thurs. Dec. 28    Open  9am - 6pm    Thurs. Jan. 4    Open  9am - 6pm
   Fri. Dec. 30    Open  Noon - 6pm     Fri. Jan. 6    Open  9am - 6pm

 Steak and salmon is available for grilling every Wednesday night, with side dishes.