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Jacksonville Clay Target Sports Instruction

JCTS is pleased to provide a list of clay target shooting instructors who have completed NSSA and/or NSCA instructor certifications. These skilled instructors can teach you the fundamentals or help you fine-tune your shooting game, whether it's for skeet, trap, sporting clays, or wingshooting.

Contact them directly for more information on how they can take your skills to the next level. All Jacksonville Clay Target Sports instructors are members or life members of JCTS, certified by the NSSA and/or NSCA, and carry liability insurance. 

Additionally, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission conducts Hunter Safety training at JCTS every month. Registration and information on the FWC training courses are available at

For those new to the sport: NSSA stands for the National Skeet Shooting Association while NSCA stands for the National Sporting Clays Association.


David Dobson
NSCA/NSSA Certified Instructor, Level III
(904) 571-8700

Allison Franza
NSCA Certified Instructor, Level I
(863) 449-0142

Mark Giampietro
NSSA Certified Instructor, Level I
(904) 874-1147

T.J. Hawk 
NSCA/NSSA Certified Instructor, Level I
(904) 622-6644

Mike Kogan
NSSA Certified Instructor, Level I
(904) 382-5007

Andrew Lackie
NSCA Certified Instructor, Level I
(904) 874-1147

Russ Naples
NSSA Certified Instructor, Level I
(561) 901-7790

Early Piety
NSCA/NSSA Certified Instructor, Level I
(904) 993-7419

Joseph Tucker
NSSA Certified Instructor, Level I
(904) 237-9647

Mark Wilkinson
NSCA/NSSA Certified Instructor, Level I
(904) 631-4071

Instructor certifications can be viewed in the Pro Shop.