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Jacksonville Clay Target Sports Trap

We have 10 trap fields that are ATA compliant, we use Pat Traps and throw White Flyer targets. Canteberry Voice Calls are used for registered events. Saturday mornings are practice and most Trap club members will be there. Come out to field 7 and shoot with us.

Trap Field 5 is designed as a teaching field for beginner shooters. Each station describes the targets to be shot at that station.

American Trap - Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA)

The most basic of all trap disciplines. Standard targets are thrown as singles. The horizontal direction is randomized with a maximum angle of 22 degrees measured from a line from the trap to the middle station. The height at which the targets are thrown is constant. The distance is constant at 50 yards. A squad of five shoot in rotation from five stations arrayed in an arc located 16 yards behind the traphouse; 5 target are thrown at each station, after which the shooters move to the next station on their right. A round is 25 targets with one shot allowed at each target. An English variation is called Down-The-Line, a two-barrel discipline that allows two shots at a single target with scoring penalty for a second-barrel hit.

Handicap Trap

The same as American Trap, except the shooter stands further back than 16 yards - but no longer than 27 yards. The ATA reviews handicap yardage for shooters every 1,000 targets as part of their handicap system.

Doubles Trap

As the name implies, two targets are launched simultaneously from one machine.  Squads of five shooters rotate the five positions on the 16 yard line.  Shooting events consist of 25 or 50 pairs.  Like American Trap and Handicap Trap, scoring is one point per target hit.