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February Fiesta, Wednesday, Feb 8th

Dinner Wednesday

2022 was a fantastic year at JCTS, we threw 2.5 million targets so its time to celebrate!

Last year we kicked off our first Wednesday Party with Amanda's Awesome Taco Bar, so we thought its time to do it again.  As usual we'll add a "Regular" Bar and end shooting early that Wednesday for everyone to come out and enjoy.  

Bobby's bringing the band back together, and as usual, the drinks are on him, so mark your calendar and join us.

Wednesday February 8th 6pm-9pm
Be sure to come out early and bust some clays!

Shooting will end at 5:45pm to ensure all guns are up before Jenny can begin pouring.  Anyone still out on the course will surely return to a welcoming and thirsty crowd!

We just need you to register in advance so we can send Amanda & Jenny shopping!


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