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FSA Youth Initiatives

The NSSA and  Florida Skeet Association have several programs in place that benefit Florida Junior and Sub-Junior shooters. 

  1. Junior and Sub-Junior shooters will receive a $15 subsidy per event for each event (gauge) at the Florida State Skeet Championships, April 19 - 22, at the Palatka Skeet Club.   
  1. Florida Skeet Association and Palatka Skeet Club will host the Ninth Annual NSSA Youth Skeet Camp June 2 and 3. During the camp, youth skeet shooters have a chance to learn the finer aspects of skeet shooting, shotgun target sports, safety, and sportsmanship from some of the best instructors in the state. Enrollment cost is $135 and the camp is limited to the first 35 youth who enroll.  Registration forms should be sent to FL NSSA Director Ken Keth,
  1. Any youth shooter who attends the 2018 Skeet Camp will be offered a complementary entry fee to shoot one event at the Palatka Registered Shoot on June 9.                                                                                            
  2. FSA Youth Competition Coupons:  For the remainder of 2018, Florida Sub Juniors and Juniors can request a “coupon” from the FSA which will provide a $10.00 credit per gun at any Florida skeet club competitive event.  Each “coupon” is valid for twelve gun entries.  For example, a shooter can enter to shoot one gun at a registered shoot and receive a $10.00 reduction in the entry fee. Entering to shoot four guns at a registered shoot would result in a $40.00 reduction in their entry fee.  Shooters can contact Ken Keth for a coupon at  Clubs can call or email Ken Keth for reimbursement of the discount.

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