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Hurricane Preparedness

Cataloging Service, Restorations:

As hurricane season is underway, it is extremely important that firearm owners are well prepared and have accurate records of your firearms. Having photos of each firearm with the make, model, and serial number with an estimated value can save you thousands of dollars when dealing with insurance claims should disaster strike. Gunsmiths Inc. can help you with this process, we also offer a service for cataloging your collection in case the task is too large and time consuming for you. Last year we experienced many unfortunate cases where firearms had been damaged and there was no original record of the condition or worth before the hurricane stormed in. We were able to save and restore many, but the original value was lost without the proper records. Restoration of firearms is also a common service we offer and entails many hours of dedicated effort. Every restoration is performed completely by hand to properly reinstate the firearm to its former glory. Following is an example of a recent restoration process from start to finish.  
Happy Shooting and we look forward to seeing you at the club!! 
Kelsey Doleo
Gunsmiths Inc.

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