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July Newsletter

President's News

Activity at the club has continued strong in spite of summer showers and heat. Our Sporting Clays Committee is offering monthly NSCA-registered sporting clay shoots that are getting great participation. The next one is coming up July 15. These shoots are a great way to practice your sporting clay skills while meeting lots of new shooters. See Sporting Clays news below to get signed up.

Bud Steil, our indomitable Skeet Chairman, is gearing up for the Zone 4 Skeet Championship, which will be held August 11 - 13. For the first time, Zone 4 will conduct this tournament on the simultaneous, multiple-locations iZone format. The Zone 4 Championship will be held simultaneously in seven different locations. Find out more about this tournament in Skeet News below.

Our capital projects are moving along as scheduled. We completed the concrete floor at the Cart Barn and are awaiting a permit to construct the bathroom at the Sporting Clays South Course. We are also searching for a scissor-lift that will add an exciting feature to the South Sporting Clays Course.

Founders Memberships Available Until 8/31/2017

Only five Sporting Clays Founder Memberships remain available. This membership opportunity will only be available until August 31, 2017. The proceeds from these memberships enable us to fund the new sporting clays courses. Each Founder Membership costs $7,500, while it rewards you with a long-term investment in the JCTS Sporting Clays courses plus $8,425 worth of membership value.  Each membership provides a JCTS Lifetime Membership plus a 10-year sporting clays discount package, and a 50% discount on 275 sporting clays rounds (110 targets per rounds). Additionally, your name will be listed on the Founders' sign at the entrance to the South Sporting Clays Course. Please contact me or any board member, if you would like to become a Sporting Clays Course Founder.
July and August are great months to hone your target shooting skills, before the busy Fall season. So come out to see us at the club!
Z. Mincek

Upcoming Events

Every Wednesday Night

Jax Belles With Shells Clinics
Every Saturday and Sunday 9:00am - Noon
Reservations 904-757-4584

Saturday, July 15 9:00am
NSCA - Registered Midsummer Banger

Friday, July 28 3:00
Jax Belles With Shells Ladies' Shoot-n-Network

August 3 and 5
FWC Hunter Safety Courses

August 11 - 13
NSSA Zone 4 Skeet Shoot

Saturday, August 19 9:00am
NSCA - Registered Ring-O-Fire Tourney

Friday, August 25 3:00pm
Jax Belles With Shells Ladies' Shoot-n-Network

September 10
JU Shooting Team Clinic Fundraiser 

October 14
JCTS Member Appreciation Day

See all events on JCTS calendar

Mid-Summer Banger Sporting Clay Shoot, Saturday, July 15

JCTS will host the Mid-Summer Banger Sporting Clay Shoot Saturday, July 15. These shoots are fun for shooters of all skill levels. You can request your own squad on ScoringPro, or we can assemble groups from participants. JCTS members participate in a member drawing in which two members will have the opportunity to win $150 each. Registration and event details are available on ScoringPro.    

In spite of warm temperatures, the sporting clays courses have remained popular this summer for both recreational and competitive shooters. Come on out and take a spin on one of the courses soon!


Skeet News

The 44th Annual NSSA Zone 4 Skeet Championship is coming up quickly. Scheduled for August 11 - 13, this will be the first time that Zone 4 will conduct this tournament on the simultaneous, multiple-locations iZone format. The Zone 4 Championship will be held simultaneously in seven different locations, in order to allow more shooters to participate. Currently, 253 participants are registered for the tournament, with 70 of those registered for JCTS. Skeet tournaments are fun for shooters of all skill levels. They are a nice opportunity to meet other skeet and clay target shooters. Get yourself signed up soon!



Jax Belles With Shells, our ladies shooting group, meets once a month to enjoy shooting sports and networking. The group meets the last Friday of each month from 3:00 - 5:30pm, (see JCTS calendar). They are currently enjoying growing attendance by a diverse group of women who have a wide variety of shooting experience. The women have focused on skeet shooting the past few months with the assistance of several instructors from the club. Following each shooting session, the women break for refreshments, networking, and JCTS news.

All lady shooters are invited to join the monthly events. To get on the mailing list, or RSVP your attendance, please contact:
Michele McManamon 904.424.4484 or
JCTS Pro Shop 904.757.4584
See the JCTS calendar to confirm dates and times.

Jax Belles With Shells Clinics
Every Saturday and Sunday
One hour clinics - 9:00am to Noon
Sign ups in the Pro Shop 


Collegiate News

Members of the Jacksonville University and University of North Florida Shooting teams are having many new adventures this summer. Among these adventures, Head JU Varsity Coach Dave Dobson, Asst. Coach Sean Hensley, and Asst. Coach Benji Felder paid a visit to The Outdoors Show July 1, where they were able to share the accomplishments of the JU Shooting Team with Outdoors Show hosts and listeners. Early June, Brett Ollilla, Luke MacWilliams, and Kelby Seanor had a successful trip to the NSCA US Open at Big Red Oak Plantation (Gay, GA). Early July, Kelby Seanor is competing in the World FITASC Sporting Championship in Galgamasca, Hungary, while several of his teammates are attending the SCTP Collegiate Nationals at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH (north of Columbus, OH). The JU Shooting Team is the defending SCTP HOA Collegiate National Champion at this event which is expecting over 2,700 collegiate and high school athletes!

The new semester and regular practices will begin late August, followed quickly with competitive matches. 

JU Shooting Team Clinics, Sept. 10, 2017

The JU Shooting Team will hold its semi-annual clinic fundraiser at JCTS Sunday, September 10. JU team members will provide shooting instructions to participants for a $195 donation to the team. Shooters of all skill levels can participate in this afternoon clinic. This is a great way to support this championship-winning team, have fun, and improve your game all at once! Please come out to join us for this fundraiser.

David T. Dobson, MBA
NSSA/NSCA Certified Instructor/Level III
Paragon Master Instructor
JU Faculty & JU Varsity Shooting Team Head Coach 


Gunsmith News

The proper care and maintenance of your guns is critical to their performance. Whether you are new to target shooting sports, or you have been at it for decades, a quick review of shotgun field maintenance is very valuable. Here are a few important tips to maintain your shotguns throughout the sporting season.

  1. Uses for Grease - Contact points or friction areas in the gun are very important to keep well-greased. Depending on the type of action you are shooting (over/under, semiautomatic, or side by side) these friction areas will vary. For over/under and side by side shotguns you will want to be sure to grease the hinge points (where the gun falls open and meets the barrels and forend). The ejectors are also very important to keep lubricated with grease. Our favorite product by far has been the “K-Gun Glide” grease by Krieghoff. It is petroleum based and will not cake or become stiff.
  2. Uses for Oil – Semiautomatic shotguns will develop a fair amount of carbon build-up in the gas system, causing addition wear and friction over the process of shooting. Using a spray oil lubricant in the gas system and action will keep the friction points from binding and make clean-up of the gas system much easier. Upon taking off the forend of your semi-automatic shotgun, a few sprays of your favorite gun oil will keep the carbon from caking up and becoming hard. Oils are also very useful in lubricating choke tubes. Carbon and plastic will wedge itself in the threads of your chokes over time – and without proper lubrication the chokes can become very stiff and stubborn to come out. Always take care to ensure your chokes are tightened down and properly seated. Our oil-based favorite lubrication products are the Q-Maxx and Safari Charlie CLP products.
Field Cleaning – Field cleaning is important for any action type. Swabbing barrels, cleaning chokes, and wiping the exterior metal areas of your shotgun will prevent wear and pitting. Most of us keep oil and a dedicated cleaning cloth in our cases just for this purpose. You will want to wipe down the exterior of the barrels and any area where you have been touching the metal of your shotgun. As we shoot, salts and oils from our hands make contact with the receiver and other metal parts. Without proper cleaning of these areas the bluing or other metal finishes will wear. Bore snakes and bore mops are useful to have on hand for barrel swabbing. You will not want to swab your barrels with oil, it will stick to the carbon and make it adhere to the inner wall of your barrel. Payne Galloway brass bore brushes are also an excellent way to clean debris from your barrels.

Performing these maintenance steps can preserve the life and performance of your valuable shotguns. As always feel free to stop by for additional information about gun maintenance and products. See you at the Club!!
Kelsey Doleo
Jacksonville Manager

You are invited to our
Member Appreciation Day
October 14, 2017


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