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December 2016 Newsletter

Dear Member  

  November was a very good month for Jacksonville Clay Target Sports.
At the beginning of the month the club hosted the Jacksonville Corporate Challenge where corporate teams compete for “bragging rights” as the best team in Jacksonville. This event is the club’s only event where all proceeds go toward the club’s capital improvements. It was a tough competition this year, with Intrepid Capital edging out Wild West Guns and Gold by a single target. Third place went to the Sunshine Boys; Lewis Class 1 to the Coldwell Banker; and Lewis Class 2 to the St. Vincent’s Foundation. The Reverse Riffle Draw was exciting with Mike Kogan winning 2 out of three guns.

Change of date alert: Due to the busy fundraising fall schedule and conflicts with the hunting season, we are moving next year’s Corporate Challenge to April 3 and 4. A new twist for the 2017 event is that the club will be reserving 5 team spots where members can form teams without being a corporate entity. We hope to see many members choosing to participate.

Now that we have two 15-station sporting clays courses north and south, we have selected the south course to throw some challenging targets. They include some very fast targets, as well as long targets for advanced shooters.
We continue to upgrade our facilities. New for December is a paperless sign in process where all sign in procedures are created on an Ipad and then integrated into our database. We are also completing a screened porch next to the Club Room.

On December 3, the club will have its Annual Meeting and will hold the Club Championship. All members are eligible to participate in the Club Championship, which consists of 60 sporting clays targets, 25 skeet and 25 trap targets. The shooter with the highest combined score will become our club champion for a year. To participate please sign up at the Pro-Shop.

On December 10th , the club will host its last sporting clays tournament for the year. To register please contact the Pro-Shop 904-757-4584 or click here to register online.

As we approach the end of this year I wish each and every one of you a great holiday season and a happy new year.

Z. Mincek

Upcoming Events

Every Wednesday Night 6:00pm
"GRILL YOUR OWN" Steak Night - call ahead 904-757-4584

Thursday, December 1
St. Vincents Sporting Clays Charity Shoot

Saturday, December 3
Club Championship

Tuesday, December 6
FPMA Region 5 Clay Shoot

Thursday, December 8
Gate Sporting Clays Shoot

Saturday, December 10
Oh What Fun Registered Sporting Clays Shoot

Thursday, December 15
ABC Sporting Clays Shoot

Christmas Hours:

Saturday, Dec 24th - Open (9:00am - 6:00pm)
Sunday, Dec 25th - Closed (Christmas Day)
Monday, Dec 26th - Open (9:00am - 4:00pm)
Tuesday, Dec 27th - Open (9:00am - 4:00pm)

Skeet News

As we usher out the current skeet year, it’s time to think ahead and plan for our goals for the next skeet year. We hope that you will consider coming out and supporting JCTS competition events this next year. Let’s look at what you get by shooting registered skeet. To start: National Skeet Shooting Assoc (NSSA) sanctioned skeet competitions put all shooters in a class based on their ability. Classes obtainable are AAA thru E in the 12GA and AAA thru D in Doubles and the 20GA, 28GA, and 410. The rules are established and enforced to keep shooting safe and fair for all competitors. Once your targets are shot, your scores and averages are recorded by NSSA forever. This encourages you to shoot against yourself and shoot your best. FLORIDA SKEET SCHEDULE . For those who have been shooting, you have one last chance to shoot enough to qualify for awards. Last month we list the minimum targets required for national honors. Below are the minimum targets required for Florida State Team consideration. These targets must be shot in the state of Florida:

1. Minimum registered targets required for consideration
A. 12 Gauge – 800 (Junior, Sub-Junior, Senior Veteran & Super Veteran 500)
B. 20 Gauge – 600 (Junior, Sub-Junior, Senior Veteran & Super Veteran 400)
C. 28 Gauge – 600 (Junior, Sub-Junior, Senior Veteran & Super Veteran 400)
D. 410 Bore – 600 (Junior & Sub-Junior, Senior Veteran & Super Veteran 400)
FSA All State Team Selection Criteria

To meet your minimums, JCTS offers registered targets anytime the club is open.

1. When you arrive at the club pick up a Monthly Target Individual Registration Report (MTIRR) and score sheet from the Cashier.
2. Shoot your targets
3. Record your scores on the MTIRR.
4 Submit your MTIRR, Score Sheet and the Daily Fees $6.00 to the Cashier.

Monthly targets must be reported in increments of 100
The Monthly Target Individual Registration Report must be filled out completely and correctly for the gauge or gauges shot.
The lead off Shooter is responsible to submit the score sheet to the Cashier when more than one shooter is shooting.
Other news from National Head Quarters.

Long-time Member Tom Lause Passes Away
NSSA regrets to report that long-time member Tom Lause passed away recently. Tom registered over 250,000 skeet targets since 1978. His proudest moment in skeet was shooting 100 as a Veteran in the .410 event at the 2015 World Shoot. He earned places on the NSSA and Florida All-American Teams for many years and was a highly respected member of the skeet community - both on the field and in his years of service to skeet. MORE

Time to Renew Your Membership
By now, annual members should have received your membership renewal form by mail. To ensure there is no interruption in your member benefits, such as the ability to register targets, keep your members-only gun insurance intact, and receive Clay Target Nation magazine, please take a moment to renew your membership now.

Find Scoreboard, Shoot Register on Website
The NSSA Scoreboard and Shoot Register are easily accessed on our websites. Go to or and you'll quickly see Scoreboard and Register links. Or, just click on the sidebar link here in Target Talk for the NSSA Scoreboard.

Allen McCannon: Don't Deny -- Analyze
End of the target year is the perfect time to analyze your season and what you need to work on in the upcoming months. All-American skeet shooter Allen McCannon proposes that you be open-minded and analyze your performance and what you need to do about it. Read his tip.
Paul Giambrone III: What's Your Shooting Style?
Watch Paul Giambrone III shoot for a while and you'll pick up on his "style" of shooting. Should you imitate it? No -- you should have your own style that suits you. But you can learn from Giambrone how he developed his style and what it takes to develop your own. Watch this short video.

Do you have a suggestion for future issues of the JCTS Newsletter? Do you have a question that you think other shooters would also like an answer to? Send it to us. We welcome your feedback at any time. Contact Bud Steil at

Skeet Fever-Catch it!

Newsletter Content From The Skeet Chairman

Sporting Clays News

Jacksonville Clay Target Sports will host another Registered Sporting Clays event, Sat. Dec 10th. This events consists of two sporting clay rounds of 100 targets each. One hundred targets will be shot on each of our courses. These events are fun, they give you a chance to make some money, and will show you how you stack up against your peer group. Remember there is a class for everybody based on past performance, your skeet history, or a special class for people who don’t have history.

Our club will be honoring Mr. Pat Welch during this event. (Bradford Gun Club). Mr. Welch has been very helpful to Bobby Turner and Tony Knight over the past eight months as he has set targets for the clubs registered events. This gave our guys a chance to see one of the best target setters in action. Pat has done this in a manner that shows his patients, expertise, and overall gentlemanly way. “Thank You Pat“

Our new South course is taking shape and receiving great reviews. The tree work is almost complete and provides some shade at all stations. Our new course signs as well as entrance enhancements should be complete during January with a grand opening around that time. Hope to see you during the holidays. The club will be open Dec 26th and 27th as we kick off our new 501-C3 foundation. Operating hours will be from 9:00am - 4:00pm on these days.

Joe Luke

Membership Report

JCTS is closing out another year of growing membership, club improvements, and round-the-clock events. But before we close out this year, we need all members to come to the Club Championship and Annual Meeting on Saturday, December 3rd. This is a fun and collegial wrap up of all of our efforts and hard work this year.

While the club is booked with private parties and events many days of the week, we encourage all members to come out and enjoy the club during regular operating hours:

Wednesdays Fields open: Noon – 8:30pm "Grill Your Own" Steak Nights RSVP for dinner: 904-757-4584
Fridays Fields open: Noon – 6:00pm
Saturdays and Sundays Fields open: 9:00 – 6:00pm

Q: Remember, what are the ten top reasons for moving to Jacksonville?
A: September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, and Jacksonville Clay Target Sports!

For our guest shooters, December is a great time to upgrade your sporting life to a membership. JCTS members enjoy the camaraderie of member-only events, receive member discounts on cost of rounds, bulk ammunition, and reloading supplies, as well as discounts with club vendors. Current JCTS vendors include Gunsmiths, Inc., Wild West Guns, Jim’s Ear and Eye, and Nimnicht Chevrolet. JCTS is a jewel among US sporting clay clubs, offering all sporting clay disciplines, as well as the services of a nationally renowned gunsmith on the premises. It is easy to initiate your membership at the Pro Shop or through the JCTS website.

The great popularity of our club and target shooting sports means that we can always use your talents and energy to help us keep the club running smoothly. Please contact us, if you would like to join us in the management of club activities.

George Prattos
Membership Chairman

Collegiate Shooting Sports News

Sixth JAX SE Collegiate Invitational To Be Attended By 200 Athletes From 15 Universities

By David T. Dobson, M.B.A.
NSCA Certified Instructor, Level III
NSSA Certified Instructor, Level III
Paragon Master Instructor
JU Faculty & Varsity Shooting Team Founder, Head Coach/Director

The 6th Spring Southeastern Collegiate Regional Championships will be held this March 10, 11 & 12 at Jacksonville Clay Target Sports. Hosted by JU and SCTP (, 15-plus collegiate powerhouse shooting programs from around the southeast will be converging upon Jacksonville to compete for $20,000 in SCTP endowment monies which will aid their specific programs - some 200-plus athletes in all. Events will include American Skeet, American Trap, International Wobble Trap and Sporting Clays. JU was the Fall SE RU champion, and last weekend, they took RU HOA honors at the Palmetto Collegiate Classic in South Carolina in a neck-and-neck race with Clemson University, one of the top-rated teams in the nation every year. UNF will also be joining the teams who will be participating, so please come out and support our young collegiate shooters.

We need Refs and volunteers, so would love to hear from you if you can help out! Please join me in wishing them great, safe shooting and a life-remembering, modifying and thrilling experience as we power into the Spring shooting season in preparation for the ACUI Nationals in San Antonio at the end of March (95 schools will attend – biggest ever). Safe shooting everyone!

Just FYI, monies from the Scholastic Clay Target Program (, funded by the Midway USA Foundation (, make all of this possible. There are over 300 Colleges and Universities with Shooting Programs and all of them compete just like Varsity programs, regardless of whether or not they are Club or Varsity status, with NO divisional status except at ACUI Nationals.

Many thanks to JAX Clay Target Sports, and all of the other Clubs here and around the country who have stood behind our Youth and Collegiate shooters, as they are our future. God Bless and safe shooting!

David T. Dobson, M.B.A. is one of our long-term Resident (Master) Teaching Pros and life members here at JGC. He and Addie, also a NSCA Certified Instructor, live in Ponte Vedra Beach. He is President & CEO of Dobson & Associates, Inc., as well as the founder of Dobson Performance Shooting School (, and current JU Faculty and Head Coach/Director of the JU Varsity Shooting Team, as well as Founding Head Coach for the UNF Shooting Team. He can be reached at: (904) 285-9500, or via Email at or

What's New at Gunsmiths Inc.

December will be bringing some changes to the shop. One of which is the addition of Stuart to the Gunsmiths Inc. team. Stuart recently graduated from the gunsmithing program at Montgomery community college in NC and will begin his professional gunsmithing career December 12th so feel free to stop by and meet him and introduce yourself. Tom will continue at the bench along with Stuart and Kelsey has been promoted to shop manager. I on the other hand will be spending the rest of the year at my bench attacking my backlog of work.

Starting in January I will be taking on a much more involved role at Europa Corp. (duPont/Krieghoff) as the new chief operations officer while continuing my current role as service manager. The next year will involve a bit more travel than this year while we continue to serve our national and international customer base. It’s a great opportunity and I’m excited to undertake the challenge. Obviously, I won’t have as much presence in the shop as I currently do but will be in the shop on a semi regular basis to handle whatever Tom and Stuart can’t take care of.

Thanks for the opportunity to keep your guns up and running. I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving and in advance allow me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the entire team at Gunsmiths Inc.

Your gunsmith Tim

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