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November 2016 Newsletter

October has been a tough month at Jacksonville Clay Target Sports, as Hurricane Matthew came through with a vengeance. Many trees have fallen, dividers between skeet fields were blown down, and we were without power for a week. As a result, the Emory Pappy Skeet Tournament had to be canceled, but despite the damage we sustained; it could have been a lot worse, and considering the possibilities, I’d say we dodged a bullet and survived with just minor scratches. Our staff did a terrific job with cleaning up the damage in no time. When you see them please thank them for a job well done.

November is shaping up to be a good month for the club, starting with the Jacksonville Corporate Challenge followed by many other special events. The Jacksonville Corporate Challenge is a sporting clays event where corporate four-person teams compete for the title of best sporting clay corporate entity. It is the only event that raises funds for the club to be used exclusively for capital improvements. Last year title is held by Intrepid Capital, and we’ll be waiting to see if they can defend the title this year.

We continue to upgrade our facilities. A watering system has been installed on the Sporting Clay South course and number of trees were planted to enhance the look of the course and provide shade for the shooters. Mulch will be added to the areas around the stations and the station Sponsor markers will be coming soon. I would like to inform you that fundraising for the Sporting Clays South course continues. As of this date all the station sponsorship have been sold, but we still have some Founder Sponsorship available. For more information, please contact me or any other Board member. With the temperatures cooling down it is pleasant to shoot again. I hope you will join us soon to bust some clays.

See you at the club,
Z. Mincek


Upcoming Events


Every Wednesday

"GRILL YOUR OWN" Steak Night

November 3rd

Jacksonville Corporate Challenge Dinner & Reverse Draw Party

November 4th

Jacksonville Corporate Challenge Sporting Clays Shoot

November 5th

North Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Sporting Clays Shoot

November 8th

NUCANF Sporting Clay Challenge


November 9th - 12th

2016 FALL Paul Giambrone Clinic 

November 10th

Lifeline Charity Sporting Clays Shoot

November 12th

Fitzhugh Powell Fun Shoot

November 18th

Chet's Creek Sporting Clays Shoot

November 19th

Iron Man Fun Shoot


Skeet News

The 2016 Skeet year is nearly over. The North Florida chain shoots as they have become known ( Pappy Memorial -JCTS, Otero Memorial-Palatka, and Octoberfest-St Augustine) were pretty much as bust this year thanks to Hurricane Matthew. We had to cancel the Pappy because we lost power and St Augustine had to cancel the Octoberfest because they lost their skeet houses in the storm. Palatka was able to hold the Otero. Two JCTS shooters did very well in Palatka. Mike Kogan and his Son Emmett both shot 387s and had to shoot off against each other for the HOA Class A Championship. Emmett won! The loss of these two shoots this close to the end of the year may leave some shooters short of the minimum targets required to qualify for State Zone and National honors. As many of you know the NSSA skeet year runs until Dec 31st for the second time. Registered shooters will want to be aware of minimum targets required for State, Zone, and National awards and Team Selections. Below are the Minimum required targets to qualify for NSSA honors.

12 20 28 .410 Dbls
Open Team 1000 - 1000 - 1000 - 1000 - 500
All Concurrents 800 - 800 - 800 - 800 -500
Sub-Jr/Sr-Vet 700 -500 -400 - 400 - 300
Sup-Vet 500 regardless of gauge or Dbls

Here at JCTS you have the availability to shoot registered targets anytime to make up for any short falls you may have. These targets cannot give you points for NSSA Honors, but they would count towards your minimum targets. See procedures below.

Monthly Target Procedures

When you arrive at the club, pick up a Monthly Target Individual Registration Report (MTIRR) and score sheet from the Cashier.
2. Shoot your targets.
3. Record your scores on the MTIRR.
4. Submit your MTIRR, Score Sheet and daily fees to the Cashier.

Monthly targets must be reported in increments of 100.
The Monthly Target Individual Registration Report must be filled out completely and correctly for the gauge or gauges shot.
The Lead off Shooter is responsible to submit the score sheet to the Cashier when more than one shooter is shooting
Paul Giambrone Shooting Clinic
There are still a few openings left in the November Clinic.


News from National Skeet Shooting Association NSSA


Stuart Brown Is New HOA World Skeet Champion
Stuart Brown's lone 449x450 won the HOA World Skeet Championship for him outright on Saturday night, leaving Michael Peterson and Rebecca McCumber to shoot off 448s for runner-up and third, in that order. McCumber was the Lady Champion, followed by Diana Riddle and Stanton Mallory. Other World Champions include Paul Giambrone III (12 gauge), Sam Armstrong (20), Bruce Christian (28), Andrew McNamara (.410), Riley Chaddock (Doubles), and Jay Bunting (HAA). Giambrone was the big winner at the Mini World, taking HOA, 12-gauge, and 20-gauge titles. Garrett Hackmaster won 28 gauge, Michael Schmidt .410, and Dan Morris, Doubles. Giambrone was also the individual winner of the inaugural Wayne Mayes event, along with the 3-man team of James Gast, Ray Vaslavsky, and Carol Goodart. Watch for expanded winners coverage in the next Target Talk and on our website and full event coverage in the November issue of Clay Target Nation. See all the scores

Find Scoreboard, Shoot Register on Website
The NSSA Scoreboard and Shoot Register are easily accessed on our websites. Go to or and you'll quickly see Scoreboard and Register links. Or, just click on the sidebar link here in Target Talk for the NSSA Scoreboard.

Do you have a suggestion for future issues of the JCTS Newsletter? Do you have a question that you think other shooters would also like an answer to? Send it to us. We welcome your feedback at any time. Contact Bud Steil at

Skeet Fever-Catch it!

Bud Steil
Skeet Chairman

Sporting Clays News

The club is making good progress on improvements to our new Sporting Clay South course. The course opened on Sept 14th. Since that time we have installed a sprinkler system that reaches each station on the course. This system allowed the transplanting of 40 trees from our property to the new course. We are also in the process of purchasing and installing another 12 oak trees from the Davey Tree Expert Company. The purpose of this tree work is to provide shade and improve the overall appearance of the course. Trees also provided sight relieve between stations. We hope to finish work by late November which will also include grass around stations. (Rye-grass to start)

The club invites you to try the new course or parts of it. Remember that you can skip around between the courses as you like. Our card system will take care of the numbers. Our North course (Woods) is currently very fun to shoot. It provides a lot of variety and gives most shooters a chance to break a lot of targets.

The club has a Sporting Clay Registered shoot on December 10th. We hope to see you then.

Joe Luke


Collegiate Shooting Sports News

Sixth JAX SE Collegiate Invitational Attended By 124 Athletes From 9 Universities

By David T. Dobson, M.B.A.
NSCA Certified Instructor, Level III
NSSA Certified Instructor, Level III
JU Faculty & Varsity Shooting Team Head Coach

During the weekend of October 21, 22 & 23, Jacksonville University, SCTP & JAX Clay Target Sports hosted its sixth Jax SE Collegiate Invitational (Regional) Championship Shoot with 124 Collegiate athletes from 9 Universities attending, thus continuing to make it one of the largest collegiate regional shoots in the country every year. Bethel University took the HOA Championship Team honors in Saturday’s Main Event, with JU coming in as RU Main Event Champion (JU is a 9-time ACUI & SCTP National Event Champion across ALL divisions). Rounding out the field for 3rd, 4th & 5th on Saturday were: Virginia Tech University, Stetson University, and Florida State University. Eastern Kentucky University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of North Florida and the University of Delaware filled out the balance of the Collegiate field. On Sunday, Bethel edged out JU by ONE target in the Sporting Clays event, followed by Virginia Tech, FSU and EKU. All schools competed in American Skeet, American Trap & International Wobble Trap on Saturday and Sporting Clays on Sunday. MANY thanks to our JU Shooting Team members, and Jax Gun Club member volunteers who reffed and pulled targets while our amazing JAX Staff supported all of us in the field!

TOP Five Teams in Saturday’s Skeet, Trap & I-Wobble Events:

Tourney HOA Champion: Bethel University (726)
Tourney RU: Jacksonville University (669)
Tourney Third: Virginia Tech (660)
Tourney Fourth: Stetson Univer

sity (646)
Tourney Fifth: Florida State University (626)

Top Five Individual Champions:

High Overall Tournament WOMEN’s Champion (HOA): Tara Steffen (BU)
High Overall Tournament WOMEN’s Champion (RU): Elizabeth Faulkner (BU)
High Overall Tournament WOMEN’s Champion (Third): Molly Brewer (BU)
High Overall Tournament WOMEN’s Champion (Fourth): Shelby Reynolds (JU)
High Overall Tournament WOMEN’s Champion (Fifth): Samantha Malone (VTECH) Blankenship (CU)

High Overall Tournament MEN’s Champion (HOA): Nathan Ford (BU)
High Overall Tournament MEN’s Champion (RU): Tyler Hickman (BU)
High Overall Tournament MEN’s Champion (Third): Brandon Hudgins (BU)
High Overall Tournament MEN’s Champion (Fourth: Sam Hayden-Kaplan (BU)
High Overall Tournament MEN’s Champion (Fifth): Zach Stillwell (VTECH)

SKEET (Women’s):
HOA: Elizabeth Faulkner (BU)
RU: Tara Steffen (BU)
Third: Molly Brewer (BU)
Fourth: Kalie Jones (JU)
Fifth: Marissa Biggie (JU)

SKEET (Men’s):
HOA: Nathan Ford (BU)
RU: Parker Woodring (JU)
Third: Bobby Jacobs (JU)
Fourth: Zach Metz (BU)
Fifth: Benji Felder (JU)

TRAP (Women’s):
HOA: Tara Steffen (BU)
RU: Elizabeth Faulkner (BU)
Third: Molly Brewer (BU)
Fourth: Marissa Biggie (JU)
Fifth: Samantha Malone (VTECH)

TRAP (Men’s):
HOA: Brandon Hudgins (BU)
RU: Tyler Hickman (BU)
Third: Nathan Ford (BU)
Fourth: Cory Mathis (BU)
Fifth: Andrew Cobb (EKU)

International Wobble Trap (Women’s):
HOA: Elizabeth Faulkner (BU)
RU: Tara Steffen (BU)
Third: Shelby Reynolds (JU)
Fourth: Torie Beckman (EKU)
Fifth: Samantha Malone (VTECH)

International Wobble Trap (Men’s):
HOA: Nathan Ford (BU)
RU: Tyler Hickman (BU)
Third: Hagan Holland (BU)
Fourth: Ben Edwards (FSU)
Fifth: Terry Carr (BU)

Sporting Clays (Sunday)
HOA: Bethel University (456)
RU: Jacksonville University (455)
Third: Virginia Tech University (444)
Fourth: FSU (408)
Fifth: EKU (367)

Sporting Clays (Ladies):
HOA: Elizabeth Faulkner (BU)
RU: Molly Brewer (BU)
Third: Kalie Jones (JU)
Fourth: Tara Steffens (BU)
Fifth: Samantha Malone (VTECH)

Sporting Clays (Men’s):
HOA: Zach Metz (BU)
RU: Kelby Seanor (JU)
Third: Sam Hayden-Kaplan (BU)
Fourth: Zach Stockwell (VTECH)
Fifth: Joel Foley (VTECH)

Monies from the Scholastic Clay Target Program (, funded by the Midway USA Foundation (, made all of this possible. This shoot is hosted by JU and the SCTP and is held every Fall & Spring at JAX Clay Target Sports, with the next shoot happening on March 10, 11 & 12, 2017. There are over 300 Colleges and Universities with Shooting Programs and all of them compete just like Varsity programs, regardless of whether or not they are Club or Varsity status.

Many thanks to JAX Clay Target Sports, and all of the other Clubs here and around the country who have stood behind our Youth and Collegiate shooters, as they are our future. God Bless and safe shooting!

David T. Dobson, M.B.A. is one of our long-term Resident (Master) Teaching Pros and life members here at JGC. He and Addie, also a NSCA Certified Instructor, live in Ponte Vedra Beach. He is President & CEO of Dobson & Associates, Inc., as well as the founder of Dobson Performance Shooting School (, and current JU Faculty and Head Coach/Director of the JU Varsity Shooting Team, as well as Founding Head Coach for the UNF Shooting Team. He can be reached at: (904) 285-9500, or via Email at or


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