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News from San Antonio

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The NSSA-NSCA World Shooting Complex  just completed a very busy month, hosting both the 2017 World Skeet Championship and the 2017 National Sporting Clays Championship in October!

Our very own Tim Ward once again attended, tools in tow, to support the shooters and fulfill his COO responsibilities for duPont/Kreighoff.  Tim reports that both shoots were enjoyed by many, and culminated in exciting shoot-offs. These events take place every year at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio. At 671 acres, this beautiful facility offers an experience as BIG as everything else in Texas.

Congratulations to the five Florida delegates who were elected to the NSCA National board for 2018-2019, including Louis Terry, Don Currie, Rollins Brown, W T Muir, and Wayne South.  We look forward to their leadership of this fine sport!

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Kelsey Doleo
Gunsmiths, Inc.
Jacksonville Manager

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